Hail Damage Removal Perth

Hail damage removal is costly! When your car is damaged by hail, one of the first question you may ask is “How much will it cost to remove all the dents and dings on the car?”  First and foremost, your cars or vehicles are most likely the second most expensive asset you have, besides your home. So it is prudent to take out insurance to protect this asset, it is a necessary evil but can really help with unexpected expenses like hail damage if and when they arise!

Car Insurance and Hail Damage Removal

So is your car insured?” What type of insurance do you have? Is it comprehensive insurance?” If you do not have a comprehensive insurance your hail damage will not be covered. Then it will be an expensive business to get all the dents removed.

If you have comprehensive insurance, depending on your policy the total cost for hail damage repair will be 100% covered under damages caused by “Acts of God” such as hail, cyclones, and earthquakes.

Hail Damage Repair Price Estimates

Here are some cost estimate for dent repair in Perth, damage repair can be estimated based on dent sizes, depth and locations.

Small dents located in an accessible areas, such as on the hood, left or right fender, left or right front door, left or right quarter panels or trunk are going to cost about $30 – $45 per dent on average.

As for medium sized dents, the price goes up a little between $40 – $55 per dent on average.

And for dent repair in areas that are harder to access such as the roofs, the average cost goes up slightly to $60 – $65 per dent for small dent repairs, and cost on average $75 – $80 per dent for medium size dents.

Questions about hail damage repair cost?

You can call the Dent Repair Perth if you have other questions regarding hail dent repair. We can also help you with questions about inspections, insurance, estimates and more. Call us on (08) 7444 4855.